Monday, April 9, 2012

4.9.12 - Country

Blind Willie McTell - Old Time Religion
Jack O'Diamonds - Smiling Blues
Charlie 'Dad' Nelson - Red River Blues
Leadbelly - Shorty George
Ruby Paul - Last Farewell Blues
Lillian Miller - Dead Drunk Blues
Memphis Minnie - Outdoor Blues

Raymond Barrow - Walking Blues
Will Ezell - Old Mill Blues
Bertha Lee - Yellow Bee
Lonnie Clark - Down in Tennessee

Blind Willie Dunn, L. Johjnson - Hot Fingers
Blind Willie Dun, L. JOhnson - A Handful of Riffs
Work Ox Blues - Texas Alexander
Sylvester Weaver - I'm Busy and YOu Can't Come In
Blind Willie McTell - Georgia Rag
Freddie Spruell - Tom Cat Blues

Barefoot Bill - My Crime
John Byrd - Old Timbrook Blues
Bill Wilber - My Babe, My Babe
Edward Thompson - Showers of Rain
Memphis Jug Band - Cocaine Habit Blues
Sarah Martin & her Jug Band - I'm Gonna Be Lovin' Old Soul
Georgia Field Hands - Mary Don't You Weep

Woody Guthrie - Cocaine Blues
Kelly Harrell - Oh My Pretty Monkey

Uncle Dave Macon & his son Dorris -
Harry McClintock - Billy Venero
Hoyt Ming & his Pep Steppers - Monkey in the Dog
Burnett & Rutherford - All Night Long

Blind Alfred Reed - Old Fashioned Cottage
Nelstone's Hawaiians - Just Because

Jimmie Rodgers - IN the Jailhouse Now
Kathleen Parrow & Charles A Prince - Drigo Serenade
Frank Hutchison - Chevrolet Six

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