Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6.4.12 - Block Party!

We started off the show with two songs by each classic country blues artist.

Sam Collins - Slow Mama Slow
Sam Collins - Jail House blues
Sam Montgomery - Where the Sweet Old Oranges Grow
Sam Montgomery - Low in Mind Blues
Tampa Red & Georgia Tom  - Dead Cats On the Line
Tampa Red - Things 'Bout Coming My Way

Buddy Moss - Jealous Hearted Man
Buddy Moss - Hard Time Blues

Walter Beasley - Toad Frog Blues
Sylvester Weaver & Walter Beasley - Bottleneck Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson - Jack O'Diamond Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson - Long Distance Moan

Blind Willie McTell - Written Paper Blues
Blind Willie McTell - Kill-It-Kid Rag

Charley Patton - 34 Blues
Charley Patton - Moon Going Down
Josh White - There's A Man Goin' Around Taking Names
Josh White - Blood River Blues

Floyd Council - Runaway Man Blues
Pink Anderson - I Have A Woman

Lightnin' Hopkins

Howlin' Wolf

Memphis Slim
Willie Dixon
Jimmy Reed

John Lee Hooker
T-Bone Walker
Sonny Boy Williamson

Jimmy Wilson - Tin Pan Alley
Lil Son Jackson - Gambler Blues

Johnny Fuller - First Stage of the Blues

Female Blues
Lillian Glinn
Lizzie Miles
Alberta Hunter

Clara Smith

The Calm-Before-the-Storm-that-is-Final-Exam-Week Song

Jim & Bob & the Genial Hawaiians - Song of the Range

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