Monday, August 29, 2011


Elinor Boyer - You're Gonna Need My Help - Alan Lomax Blues Songbook Disc 2
Ed Bell - Hambone Blues - The Paramount Masters Disc 4
David Edwards - Worried Life Blues - Alan Lomax Songbook Disc 1
Sonny Boy Williamson - Bye Bye Bird -

The Elgins Set:
 Elgins Facebook
Robert Nighthawk - Anna Lee
The Elgins - Anna Lee - Back to Chicago
Jimmy Wilson - Tin Pan Alley
The Elgins - Tin Pan Alley
Little Walter - Sad Hours
The Elgins - Sad Hours
 Little Walter - Juke - Roots of American Music Chicago: Inner City Blues
The Elgins - Juke
Joe McCoy - Gypsy Woman -
           and award to most awesome picture ever goes to ^: Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie

Lonnie Johnson - Back Water Blues
Arthur Petties - Down South Blues - I'm Going to Where the Water Drinks Like Wine
Blind Willie McTell - Mama, 'Tain't Long Fo' Day - Slide Guitar Blues
Ethel Waters - My Handy Man - Women in Blues

Blind Boy Fuller - Homesick & Lonesome Blues - The Steel Guitar: Bottles, Knives, and Steel

Washboard Rhythm Kings - Shoot 'Em
Jelly Roll Morton - Honky Tonk
Jelly Roll Morton - Buddy Bolden's Blues

Sophie Tucker - Some of These days 
Sydney Becket - Summertime 
Fat's Waller - Ain't Misbehavin' 
Eddie Condon - China Boy 


  1. Hey. I just wanted to thank you for playing our recordings (the Elgins) on your show today. I have been listening in for a while now. I enjoy it every time, some favorites and a lot of "new" stuff too. Keep it up!

    thanks again, Fredrik Zahl Marken

  2. Hi there, thank you so much! you guys are so authentic it's crazy. Jeff gave me Back to Chicago a couple of weeks ago and it's been on repeat in my car (and i drive a lot haha). i actually wasn't keen on modern blues until i heard you all. thanks for listening and letting me know! :)

  3. yeah, I know what you mean. but there is a few interesting blues acts out there. you can add me on facebook if you want so I can keep you up to date on the Elgins and maybe talk some music.

  4. i don't have a facebook lol i know that's weird. i check into the elgins facebook page - does the band have an official email?

  5. you can contact band leader Mumea through-
    me and √ėyvind are both on myspace, youtube and reverbnation. I'd like to stay in touch for music tips and links and stuff.

  6. i just found your myspace page and left a message