Friday, February 4, 2011

The Women of the Blues 1/24/2011

Background music: Slow Drag by Reverand Gary Davis

Sister O.M. Terrell - I'm Going to That City
Sister O.M. Terrell - Life is a Problem
  Sister O.M. Terrell recorded six sides in 1953 with Columbia Records and never recorded again. 
Memphis Minnie - Hoodoo Lady Blues
Memphis Minnie - Crazy Cryin Blues
   Most blueswomen had an orchestra and more than one instrument, but Memphis Minnie kept it simple and swore she was a better guitar player than any of the big bluesmen at the time - including Big Bill Broonzy. 

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Up Above my Head (Acoustic)
Bessie Smith - I'm Wild About That Thing
<Bessie Smith
    Bessie Smith made her big break in the 20's and recorded many songs with Louis Armstrong.
Lucille Bogan - Shave 'em Dry
Blue Lu Barker - Don't You Feel My Leg
Ida Cox - Graveyard Dream Blues
Ma Rainey - Deep moaning Blues
Lizzie Miles - Electrician Blues
Rosetta Howard - Come Easy Go Easy
Georgia White - Dead Man Blues
<George White and Bumble Bee Slim

Lil Green - Why Don't you Do Right
Bea Booze - See See Rider
<Bea Booze

Blind Willie Johnson + Willie B. Harris - John the Revelator
Eva Taylor - Do It Again

Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee do a version of Don't You Do right. The second video is Lil Green (disregard the weird title of the video). Compare, what do you think?


  1. great show I loved the section you did on women in blues. The background information you give on each singer is very interesting.

  2. Interesting post and discussion. Glad to know that facts from you.
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